Twitch (2017)



A series of paintings and multi media montage work featuring birds, figures, and islands set against backdrops of luminously painted expanses of blue. Playful, sometimes comical renderings of subjects are set in distorted space suggestive of water or dreamlike cosmos. An assembled montage of both found and created objects exist with a video projected on to it. The video is an excerpt from the film "The Birdman of Alcatraz". 














Overcome (Waders)

45 x 80in

Oil on canvas














62 x 70in

Oil on canvas
















Dipped (Sundogs)

70 x 62in

Oil on canvas















Dipped (Sundogs) 



























Purple Sandpiper

72 X 48in

Oil on canvas




Dimensions vary

Astro turf, spray paint, canvas, oil paint, canvas, wood, concrete, plaster, video projection

Single Channel Video projection with sound